Silent install: skip registration window


I need to make a silent install of Bizagi Modeler (for SCCM). I want to skip the registration Window when Bizagi starts for the first time. How can I do this?

PS: I use the BizAgiPMSetup-x64.exe /v"/a approach, so I can deploy the msi file to computers, instead of the setup.exe.

Is it also possible to disable the updates?

Kind regards.

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Dear User,

When deploying Bizagi Modeler to several terminals or workstations (i.e, an unattended/silent installation done by a system administrator), you may follow either of the 2 alternatives presented in this section.

The first alternative considers creating an .msi file, compliant to be run with msiexec or system management software such as Microsoft's SCCM.

The second alternative considers recording an installation to create an .iss file, so that a massive deployment considers such pre-configuration.

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Dear Juan,

Thanks for your answer. I am aware of the 2 solutions offered by Bizagi.

As mentioned in my previous post, I use the first solution to deploy Bizagi (msi).

The deployment itself works great, but I want to configure a few extra settings:

- disable the "registration" window when the software is started for the first time

- disable the "update" alerts

How can I do this?


Dear User,

It is marvelous that the silent install works as you need. Regarding your questions, the "registration" and "login" windows is necessary to run the application. Users of Bizagi Modeler now need to login to the application. We want you to know that Modeler is free to use and will remain so moving forward.

Let me tell you why we we’ve asked our users to login to access Bizagi Modeler.

The Bizagi Community of Modeler users you belong to now numbers over 4 million globally. We are passionate about continuously improving the experience for this community. By registering, you now have instant access to free resources like video tutorials, user guides, support forums and ready-to-use process templates. And, like our software, it’s 100% free.

You only need to login once from each device accessing Modeler. We recommend you register each user in your business or team - it only takes a minute and provides them access to a world of benefits. It also helps us understand the content that is most valued by our community, so we can continually improve and personalize how we support you.

Account creation and Bizagi Modeler use remains free. You only need to enroll in a paid subscription if you decide to use one of our additional premium services, such as Cloud Collaboration – an optional service that allows users to begin to store process files in the cloud to enable cross-team collaboration. For more information about how to trial the Cloud Collaboration Service for free, please refer to

Let us also assure you that the introduction of the mandatory login does not change the terms of use of Bizagi Modeler. We value and protect your privacy as we always have. We will never give, sell or disclose your personal information to any third party.

Finally, the "update" windows is also needed because it is recommended to use the latest version due to new features and fixes to problems.