Sequence connector does not connect

I have 2 swimlanes and in the top one I have a gateway where I have 2 connectors that connects to tasks in the same swimlane. I now want to connect the sequence connector in the swimlane below but it will not connect. From the gatway to a task.

The first swimlane describes the happy flow and the swimlane below is describing if something goes wrong, how that should be handled.

How can I connect a connector between 2 swimlanes?

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Dear Charlotte,

Regarding your question, more than one pool in a diagram represents interaction between separated business entities or performers.

Many business processes require interaction between each other to be correctly performed and accomplished. In BPMN these interactions are defined as a sequence of activities that represent message exchange patterns between the entities involved. In BPMN this behavior is know as Collaboration.

To know how Collaboration works, please check these articles:

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