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Screen Freezing on version 3.3.2

I'm using the Bizagi Modeler (64 bits) and I have a screen freezing problem. I start modeling the process and soon any attempt to move or edit an existing element results in the screen freezing. I have waited hours after this has occurred for the application to recovery without success. I have to close Bizagi with the Task Manager and any work done between saves is lost. I now save every 10 min so as not to loose work. This happens every time we use your App.

This error is like when you open a heavy software and hasn't enough memory to run. This is not my case

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Dear Joseph,

We are very sorry that you are experiencing these performance inconveniences. Nevertheless, we are here to help you!

Although your machine has good characteristics, maybe the problem is related to different aspects. Please answer the following questions to detect the cause of your issue:

1. Do you have a 4K - UltraHD resolution screen?

2. What is the current resolution (e.g., 1920x1440) of the screen where you are displaying Bizagi Modeler?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Best regards.


Hi Andes,

No I have a generic VG2439 Series screen running at 1920 x 1080


And you have already tried with other options of screen resolution? Please let us know.


We have a team of 15 people using the application and we are all experiencing the same issue. Our team all have docking stations with external monitors - the basic configuration 24" monitors using 1920x1080.

We have all upgraded to 3.3.2 - as previous post the freezing issue was resolved in the newer version.

It seems like either the diagram is trying to Render / Analyze itself so it causes issues. Is there a away you can turn off the alerts or the automation backend?

A resolution would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Danny,

Please let us know the following information in order to do some progress regarding your issue:

  • Bizagi Modeler log.
  • Screenshot or better, the file of the model where you are working.
  • Operating System.
  • Cloud Subscription type. (Is it workgroup?).

Please open the task manager and make sure that all the Bizagi Modeler processes are stopped/finished before trying to launch Bizagi Modeler again. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

I also understand that the resolution is 1920x1080 for all your team members... Are the 24'' screens 4K quality monitors? Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Best Regards.