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Resource (Roles) Bug


i have a problem with filling the Resource (Roles) value to tasks :

The fields (RACI fields) doesn't open to changing, after i have filled more than 5 different values in the list of all types of resources .

i have tried to reload Bizagi but not helped.

Please, can you help me?

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Dear Aleksandr,

Bear in mind that you can't manually write on the RACI fields. You need to click the [...] button and choose a resource. Where is the error? Is the [...] button not working? Or, after choosing a resource the OK button does not work?

Another question: All of the resources are roles or there is someone that is an Entity?

We beg you to please clarify what is exactly happening. Attached is an image with 6 different values in resources and the RACI fields completed properly. - Modeler version 3.4.1 -



Dear Andreas,

Yes, i clicking on the [...], and button not works out.

i had choosing resources but after i tried to adding new ones - the button have broken.

All of the resources are roles.

i'm using Modeler version 3.4.1. too

Thank you in advance.


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