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Repeated swimlane names or fixed panes in published html

Dear bizagi-team,

exporting our long processes to html (publish function) leads to scrollable windows (both vertically an horizontally). This results from multiple swimlanes and pools next to each other. Scrolling to the right end of a pool, the names of the swimlanes will be out of sight. One could easily confuse the lane the process is located in.

It would be great to have something like MS Excel's "fixed panes" that will let the names of the swimlanes stay fixed on the left border of the window. So no matter where you are looking at within the window, you'll never loose your orientation?

Do you think this would be a possible feature to implement in upcoming releases?

Best regards

S. T. A. Schäfer


Can you provide some screenshots to understand your requirement better?

Thank you


Dear Ms. Domiguez,

please see this link for a description and screenshot of fixed panes.

Kind regards

S. T. A. Schäfer


Dear bizagi team,

first of all, thanks for this awesome tool: Keep it up!


colleagues and I would really appreciate this feature too. Just like a

floating menu which can be found on many web pages. - IMHO this could be

implemented quite easily with the CSS "z-index" property.

Kind regards,

H. Zierer