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RACI Chart to export on documentation

Could you create an output (on publishing) creating a RACI Chart, as informed at process?

Using the process flow and assigned resources.

I created one using Aspose, but it was too dificult to find the right elements, and we can't filter the information. If it came straight from the modeler (as XML structure), maybe it was easier to use it.

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Dear Ciro,

Thanks for your suggestion. The idea will be shared with our product team to evaluate if this is actually (or not) a big advantage for our users.

Best Regards!


Thanks a lot.

As we have this fields at process, I believe it will be a great advantage.


Yes. I think this is required by many. It will be a welcome feature.

If there is a facility on the search functionality where you can request a list of processes associated with a specific RACI role (say performer), then that will be a real game changer. People will be encouraged to use it.

I am not sure whether this feature is there currently. If it is there, then please guide me. I need it asap.



This feature would be incredibly helpful. Has it been added to the Bizagi product roadmap?

Thank you,



It would be helpful.

If add S (like Support) for RACI role list, it would helpful also.

Thank you: Attila