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I'm having trouble to post my diagram for the wiki.

After setting all the fields, when I try to publish I get the following error message:

"Access to the path 'Cache' is denied."

Can anyone help me?

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Dear Fausto,

In order to best assist you to resolve this issue, please check and verify the wiki version support in this article: Also, verify to follow all steps and setting requirements in order to publish images as well.

If you consider that your wiki and system requirements are correctly, please give us your environment properties like: Operating System, version of Bizagi modeler, wiki version, and if you are publishing internal or external of the LAN.

Best Regards


Thank you!

My problem was solved.

I marked the option: "Disable caching of pages the browser" in my wiki, and it worked correctly.

Thank you.


Hello Fausto.

Would you show me how you perform this procedure?