Publish to Web buggy - drops activities, gateways, and events even though set to include all

BizAGI Process Modeler

When I Publish to Web from a process with 100 elements (activities, gateways, and events) elements are dropped from the image map so I can see them but cannot navigate to them.

Workarounds Discovered

Remove Question Marks from the end of gateway titles

Open each individual activity, gateway, or event and add at least on character to the Description Field.

I have been recommending the process modeler to my clients, but these sort of poor software performance is harming my ability to promote the benefit of standardizing on your modeler.

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Dear Matt,

The reported problem has been resolved in our latest Modeler version which can be downloaded at

The installer includes:

•Solution for Publish to SharePoint

•Solution of Word Templates

•Solution of sort according to the publication flow

Although the adjustment attempted to fix the punctual SharePoint problem, there were other publishing issues that were improved. Please proceed to upgrade it and let us know the results.

Best regards.