Publish Bizagi to SharePoint Online


I was told in other threads that SharePoint Online will be supported by now. I'm a bit suprised that this is not the case yet (in version still a 403 error). Is o365 publication support still on the roadmap?

Thank you!

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Dear Bart,

We would like to inform you that Bizagi does support publishing to SharePoint. The SharePoint endpoint must meet certain criteria for it to work with Bizagi. Please see our system requirements section:

You may also follow the below link for instructions on how to Publish to SharePoint

If you still experience issues after reviewing the above documents please let us know.

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Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your answer. If i understood the manual correctly, "SharePoint Services 3.0" is the only supported version.

I've installed the latest version ( and can only determine that publishing to SharePoint Online is not working.

Can you confirm the "sharepoint online" (o365) is not supported? If so, are you aware of a road map on which it will be supported?

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