Process Modeler somehow slow


After installing newer version (2.0.2), modeller visual performance degraded dramatically.

Sometime I see how copied text inserted to element as if it typed by hand.

I have thinking about returning to older version, but incompatible format stopped me from this.

Could you fix it in the next version? WBR,Oleg Aksenov

Best Answer

Dear Users,

We share with you a fix (July-2012) for the version in which we included improvements for Bizagi Process Modeler's startup.

This fix is available for download here.

To apply this fix, download and unzip this file in your machine, and follow the instructions

presented at the ReadMe.txt.

Best regards,


Dear Gee,

Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that Bizagi Process Modeler runs using the .NET 4.0 Framework.

A JVM is used to run the Simulation capabilities provided by Lanner, our technological ally (only involved when you use the Run option at the Simulation view).

Best regards,


I am creating multiple streams and I see that when creating multiple tabs in Bizagi it gets slow. There was a case of taking over 5 minutes to open a file Bizagi because he had about 12 tabs. Is there any limitation to create tabs in Bizagi Modeler?

I use an HP notebook I3 with 4GB of RAM. As files are slow, the maintenance is getting too complicated and publishing HTML, because if I have to separate the process into several files, I need to use HTML programming to make the links between processes.

Something changes with Bizagi suite or it includes only the automation? There's something in the suite version that improves the HTML publication?


Dear Ronnie,

We have reviewed the performance subject in the application and would like to share the following:

1. In our last 2.6 version, Bizagi Process Modeler includes a new documentation engine which will generate process documentation much faster and by demanding less resources (for instance, a local installation of MS Word will not be required).

2. For machines which still somehow experience performance issues with the Modeler, we kindly recommend you to consider closing any diagram tabs which are not being used at the moment.

Notice that users can do this by using the "Close" option and then open them again anytime from the diagrams browser.

In this way, the Process Modeler won't be having up in memory information of many diagrams not being worked on.


Best regards,