Problems with attached images in Publication


I am having various problems with attached pictures in Publish.

  1. 1 If I attach an image and then Publish to web, I can see the diagram on clicking the process object - working as expected.
  2. If I then republish, some or all of my attached images no longer present as the links are broken. I then have to go back into each diagram and relink each image before publishing. I have a feeling it may be to do with temporary files in the BPM2 folder. These are not cleared after the Publication and sometimes when I change a diagram, the old images are still there.
  3. 2. If I Publish to Word or PDF a diagram I already have published to Web I am getting errors see attached. As above, most of these seem to be unlinked images which I have to go back through to relink each time.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this?



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Dear Gordon,

To solve this issue, please apply our latest FIX for 3.1 version according instruction file:

Best regards