problems publishing files to sharepoint online

Quando utilizamos o sharepoint para publicar nosso arquivos, ao fim do carregamento, uma pagina no navegador abre com o seguinte erro (foto anexada no tópico) Gostaria de saber como proceder com a solução.

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Translation to English: "When we use the sharepoint to publish our files at the end of loading a page in the browser opens with the following error (photo attached on the topic) I wonder how to proceed with the solution."


Dear Rafael,

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Regarding the received information we want to suggest:

If you trying to use SharePoint online

Access path where is located the file you trying to publish on SharePoint y check you have permission.

Download the files and test them locally.

Please follow the configuration instructions described in this article:

If you trying to use SharePoint onPremises:

Check the permissions the user attempting to publish has.

Please let us know the results you get after following our recommendations.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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