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I'm using the version, it's a lot better but I am still having problems:

-After I upgraded the software and reboot the computer, the software didn't open. I checked at Windows Task Manager and after few seconds the Modeler starting process was being killed. I had to reinstall the software. The same thing happened when another co-worker upgraded Modeler.

-When I change from a diagram tab to another one, it takes a time to proceed. In some cases, the tab bar is duplicated (or even triplicated!!). Or when I finally get to access the tab, the diagram it is showing is the same as the previous tab, and not the current tab's one.

-Also, when Modeler reports a error in the Model validation, in some cases, the validation log doesn't start properly (it is empty), and if I try to save or do anything else, a pop-up appears saying it's out of memory. I have to close the application without saving the model, and all my changes are lost.

Files: Bug1.png

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Dear Lorena,

Our product team has resolved some many performance issues in our latest version Please proceed to download from: and upgrade your current version.

Please let us the result.

We look forward to hearing from you