Problem with sub processes in case of publish to Web

I use Bizagi Modeler 64 bit, version under licence "professional"

I tested in Chrom 80.0.3987.1222, Firefox 72.0.2.

Java Version 8.221.B11

I created a process model including a sub process. When I publish this model (including all elements also for sub process) to web on webpage the link from Icon of the sub process is not directly linked to the details of the sub process … for old existing process model this links of sub processes work right on web.

See Attachement … when I click on

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Dear Daniel,

I'm not sure that I understood exactly what are you asking for so I make some clarifications:

Do you mean that when clicking the subprocess (first image) the pop-up window with the subprocess details (second image) is not thrown? Is that the problem?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards.


Yes the problem is as you described.

I found out that if there are only integrated sub processes with definition (Do Nothing) for Presentation Action in a process model than the described problem appears. If there are also “other” sub processes with Presentation Action e.g.“show Text” or if there are other reused sub processes than on published webpage all types of sub processes will open.

On our side the Problem is solved.