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Problem with publishing to excel or exporting to visio

Dear Sir, I have some problems with Bizagi (in my case runs on MAC inside Parallels).

1) I'm looking for a function that allows me to list, for example, task performed by certain "performers", or a list of all tasks grouped by performers, or a list of task group by task type. Not finding a solution I tried the workaround;

2) publish to excel: it does not work (see the screenshot);

3) export to visio: it does not work (see the screenshot).

Can you help me? Selecting tasks is relevant for me (I have over 200).

Thanks and best regards.



Window 7

BIZAGI 3.0.0022

VISIO 15.0.4420.1017

EXCEL x MAC 15.21.1

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Dear Paolo,

Regarding your question, please check our system requirements to solve your doubts:

Best regards