Problem with GDI+/JIT debugging.

At the moment I'm working with a fairly big file. And the last couple hours Bizagi modeler keeps crashing after a few actions. It keeps referring to the same crash report.
I was wondering if I made the file to big? If my system isn't powerfull enough? Or if it is something with the software?
The notification i get is screenshoted in the file "Foto.png". The translation is:
"An unhandled exception has occurred in the application. If you click Continue, this error is ignored and the application continues. If you click exit, the application is immediately closed.

A general error has occurred in GDI +"
If i click Continue the tab i'm working on crashes, if i click Exit Bizagi tries to shut of. But it also crashes.
The details are attached in file JIT debugging.txt
I hope you can help me?
Some information about my system:
- operating system Windows 10 (updated)
- Language: Dutch
Intel Core i5-3337U 1,8GHz x64
4 Gb RAM
256 SSD
Full HD display

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Dear Floris,

This problem happens when there is a problem in your .NET framework. We recommend to reinstall your framework according our system requirements: