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Problem with full screen preview and web publishing navigation

Version (64-bit)

When browsing a web publication and using the full-screen function, the

Right (highlighted) is blank.

The problem does not happen if we start browsing in full screen mode, however.

May not be appropriate behavior since full-screen use may occur

any time.

Complementing the same subject "navigation" of web publishing, I work with a lot of

Difficulty in passing between diagrams, return to diagrams opened before and

You search So I highlighted the points some relevant points

1 - On the screen could display a link to the last diagram opened before the current one.

This would help in case of a need to reuse the viewed stream


2 - In the generation of the web publication allow ordering in alphabetical order, since the

The web publishing menu is based on the order of the selected diagrams and for

Those who are guided by numbers or initial words would avoid a

Manual ordering for each need to publish a "version"

3 - The current search engine filters the keyword within the process or in

All elements of all processes, but does not help when the search is about

The process name (just like it is done in the search engine inside the bizagi

Modeler) this makes it difficult to search because the result is very polluted.

4 - When viewing the properties of an activity when the text exceeds the

View space you can use the "expand" button to display the

Rest of the text, but with this the other information is inaccessible because it does not

There is a back button and the user is forced to close the view and

Access the properties of the activity again.

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Dear Diego,

In order to reproduce these issues, please tell us your current Bizagi Modeler version and if you have applied any FIX on it.

We look forward to hearing from you


Versão (64 bits)

Já recebi três tipos de fix, porém não sei qual deles foi o último a ser executado, segue





Dear Diego,

Thank you for your feedback. A member of our support team will contact you to analyse it.