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Problem with editing annotation since Bizagi version 3.4.1068; not acepting all characters.

Not all ordinary characters are accepted in an annotation box anymore since Bizagi Modeler version 3.4.1068.

E.g. typing the character 'x' cancels the edit. Also occurs for other characters like '(1'

Problem does not occur in version 3.4.0062

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Dear Peter,

Please try uninstalling and installing again Bizagi Modeler. Testing those characters on the annotation Box using the version 3.4.1 generates no problem at all. Please see the image attached.

Please let us know if the problem persists to look further into this issue.

Kind regards.


Dear Andreas,

The problem persists after reinstalling 3.4.1068.

An important addition to my problem description is that when I add a new note it works well, but when I attempt to change the text from a note from an older version, the problem does occur.

Also when I copy the text from one box to another, the problem occurs.

The problem does not occur for all text, but it seems to occur especially for text that contains brackets "( )" and/or carriage returns in models that were created earlier with the prvious versions