Problem to Start Bizagi

I always work with Bizagi, but yesterday the program had a trouble and didn't work anymore.

I'm been trying to install and unistall Bizagi several times, and yet the program opens, but the window doesnt. I reinstall .net framework, usd the 32 bit and 64 and nothing work!

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Flavio,

When you mention that Bizagi didn't work anymore, do you refer exactly to...

1. Is it possible to see the Bizagi Modeler logo at the taskbar but the window is not displayed? Or;

2. Is it launched but it stays in a loop asking for login but it never starts?

We ask you to please attach a screenshot to better identify the problem.

Any case, we recommend you to download our most recent version looking forward to fixing your issue!

Download URL:

Best regards.