Under Consideration

Printing to plotters

Since process models can be very wide, it would be great to be able to print to plotters where page length can be any size. However it appears that BizAgi doesn't work well with plotter printer drivers. It would be great to be able to print whole diagrams on one long page.


Vector based printing should resolve this up to a 200" long custom page size. After that you are bouncing against limitations in the printer languages, something Bizagi cannot control.

Currently, Bizagi only sends raster data to printers. This causes many problems for plotters and for print to PDF.


If you have a copy of Acrobat Pro and are using Process Modeler 2.4, when you print, do not use print preview. Use the print command, and choose a very large page size so the whole diagram fits on one page (I use a custom page size set to 200cm x 200cm or 94in x 94 in). Set the print resolution to no more than 300 dpi or the print to PDF process will take a lot of time and not provide any improved results.

The text will remain as text, rather than image.

Some text will rewrap during printing, which can cut off the last few words of a text block. Check your prints and adjust text blocks to compensate. It is a hassle, but once the PDF is right, crop it and scale to whatever size you need.

Crop the PDF and print it to a large format printer using the Acrobat scale to fit page size setting for crisp text.

Print preview does not produce the same results because it converts all text to image before it sends it to the printer, so text will get fuzzy when you scale it up and is not searchable or selectable.