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Performers and Swimming lanes

In my opinion the name of the swimming lane is the business role for the activities in that Swimming lane. Why do we need the concept of a performer for an activity? Isn't this the same as the swimminglane by default?

In bigger procesmodel in publishing mode you sometimes have to pan to the right of the model, so you don't see the name of the swimming lane anymore. It would be very convenient if the name of the swimming lane (performer) could appear when you hover over (or click on) the activity

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I confirm. Sometimes it might be useful to name the swimlanes with organizational units like 'projects', 'procurement', 'sales office' and the like. Personally I don't use performers in my models, it is possibly helpful in large organizations where you can give different authority levels to performers in the same business unit.

I fully agree to your idea about visibility of swimlane names.


I think they should me linked to each other as the same thing. And when you change one, it reflects and updates on the other.