Outline Color

How do I change the outline color of an element?

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Dear Sergio,

In the format tab we have option to change the color of the element.

Got to the format tab select the element then we can change color, text etc.

Also please go through the below link.

Hope this help!

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Yes, I am familiar with changing the color of an element. But my question was for the outline, not the entire shape.


Dear Sergio,

Currently our product does not include this feature. We invite you to use our
feedback platform on the ideas space to post your request.

This platform will allow you to
share your ideas so that the whole [Bizagi BPM Suite community / Bizagi BPM
Modeler community] can vote and discuss them. We want to make sure we
solve the needs of our clients, so that we can add the features you consider
most important.

Best Regards