Under Consideration

Option to hide and show artifacts

I would like to see an option in the modeler that allowed me to hide or show artifacts (annotations, data object, and groups) on the diagram. They would remain in the model when hidden just not visible on the screen or in exported images or documents.

Of course when an artifact is hidden it's association connector should also be hidden.

Just a suggestion.




Or being able to use the concept of layers, which can individually be hidden/displayed. This would be very powerful, because you could create different "views" of the same master model to communicate with people with different perspectives/interests.



This has become crucial for our modeling work. We are almost stuck without this. Our diagrams need a lot of annotations during their development, which we need to selectively hide and show.

Layers are very basic functionality in Visio.

If we this information in a Visio diagram, can we import it into BizAgi and have it work ?

Thank you.