Opening subprocess opens an empty diagram

Hello everybody,

I have the item subprocess in a model and i have set its extended attribute "Presentation" with "Open file" and a model as file (*.bpm).

The context menu "Edit subprocess" creates a new tab with an empty diagram and its name used in the subprocess item.

How can i associate and open a subprocess?

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Jose Springer

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Hi Jose

(I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but hopefully my answer will help you somehow).

I use web Publishing of my processes. As soon as the processes are published, you can move your mouse on the main process and a little blue circle opens to the right. If you click on this circle, the subprocess will open. To use this Feature you don't need to set any presentation attributes, because the subprocess diagramm is linked with the main process. (This is the function "Edit subprocess" you described).

For some issues I use the presentation attribute: I have some Excel list converted into HTML. I enter the htm file name so that it opens when I click on a database or document symbol within my diagram.

Regards, Daniel


No, my question reffered not any type of presentation, but the hole modelling area.

I will model many processes. All of the them are using as an activity-item the same subprocess. And i will not import this subprocess first, but reference this subprocess (as an expra *.bpm file).

Why this: I am thinking to the Change Management later. The subprocess must be modified: Its easier to modify on process model instead of manc process model.


Dear Josef,

It is not possible right now so that you have already created an idea at:

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