Not a correct export of subprocesses in HP-ALM with Bizagi


I am currently using Bizagi to model software process. I wish to then export the Bizagi model into HP-ALM with a xpdl format to make the work of creating and organizing exigences a little easier.

I have noticed that, in HP-ALM, the subprocess tool is not correctly understood, it 'copies' it as a regular activity. However the re-usable process, as it is exported in xpdl as another process, is decently taken in charge by ALM. Is it normal that the 'normal' subprocess, as the it is embedded in the flow of the process, is not decently modeled in the xpdl format? Should I cheat and model them as re-usable process when they are not?


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Dear Astrid,

First of all, thanks for your feedback. About your question, no, this is not the normal behavior when exporting to XPDL or any other format. We will report it and we hope to fix it soon.

Meanwhile, we advise to "cheat" the program and model them as re-usable process because this will make your job easier while working with HP-ALM and there you can make the changes that you need and it will not affect anything.