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New version has lag. Windows hourglass appears frequently, even when doing simple tasks.

Hi - just a comment to start that I hope your developers can look into.

I just started using Bizagi Modeler (64-bit) and although I can open files fine, etc., the program runs very slowly for even the simplest of tasks. Especially compared to the previous version 3.1x.

I'll likely wait for the next update but as an example I have a model open with one diagram, and the diagram has a pool with three lanes and about 15 items total.

When click and drag over multiple items to select them the program "hesitates" when drawing the selection rectangle. Then, when I go to reposition or resize multiple items, I always get an hourglass for several seconds and the dreaded "Bizagi Modeler is not responding" and then goes away.

This is definitely slowing me down. I'm planning on going back to version 3.1x for the time being unless you have other guidance to offer.

I'm running Bizagi on a Win10 64-bit, i7 processor with 32gig RAM, and no other applications are hesitating, it's just the Bizagi application.


John D.

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Dear John,

Regarding this issue, we are going to analyse it and as soon as possible, contact you by email to carry out a remote session.



Dear John,

In order to reproduce it in our labs, please send us steps to get it. In addition, send us some screenshots of the issue and the task manager.

We look forward to hearing from you