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New user - i found a number of issues

Hi, great work guys

please consider improving the following:

- Ctrl + B to make the text Bold not active in modeler

- if I click Shift and try to move the object, it doesn't react like in powerpoint : moving while keep horizontal or vertical alignment

- if I click F2 while selecting an arrow, the text box sometimes appears far away from the arrow itself

- if there is an arrow next to the end of a milestone or swimlane, then I can't select the central slider on the arrow to move it, I can only select the entire arrow from another end and try to move the whole arrow.

- the SAVE button is not standard Microsoft save button. I always confuse it with Download folder

- sometimes when I am working too fast, the application is not as quick to respond

- occasionally, the application stops responding for a few seconds and then goes back to normal

- I can't just select a shape and start typing, I need to press F2 or Edit Text or double click for that. Annoying

- if I select an object and use the mouse scroll button + Ctrl to zoom in on it, it will zoon on the middle of the page

- there no way to add a reference number to every task, activity or object to quick reference when discussing the process with colleagues, except by adding it inside the text box which is used for activity title

- in a multi-swimlane setting, I can't resize the width of the last one to make it thinner. turn around is to add new temp swimlane, resize the last one, and then remove the temp swimlane.

- when I ran Validate, I got a list of validation issues. Five line with the same content: The connector is not connected, Diagram 1. No way to know what shape quickly except if I double click on each one individually and then look inside the process for the highlighted arrow. when the process is large, too difficult.

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Dear Ziad,

Currently our product does not include this feature.

We invite you to use our feedback platform on the ideas space to post your request.

This platform will allow you to share your ideas so that the whole Bizagi BPM Modeler community can vote and discuss them. We want to make sure we solve the needs of our clients, so that we can add the features you consider most important.

Kind Regards