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Navigation buttons of the extended table attribute

After upgrading to version 3.1 the include, change, and delete buttons got a look that disrupted the quick recognition between them (it was confusing).

Another very important detail is that the delete button does not have any confirmation pop-up, if you click on it the selected row of a table, for example, it is simply erased and there is no undo if this happens. As the change and delete buttons are next to each other, your icon is almost the same, the frequency of unintentional deletions has increased.

Other buttons (print and save) on the quick access bar also made the use more cluttered by its confusing icon

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Dear Diego,

This issue has been changed as an "idea" so that the whole Bizagi BPM Modeler community can vote and discuss them. We want to make sure we solve the needs of our clients, so that we can add the features you consider most important.