Modify width of process/diagram list in generated HTML?


When I publish my processes as HTML, then, by default, I get a vertical list of diagrams/processes on the left hand side and the actual process on the right. The diagram list uses about 20-25% of the total width of my browser window.

Now I use rather short diagram names but have some large processes that don't fit in the window. Is it possible to customize the width of the diagram list for HTML Generation?

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Dear Daniel,

At the moment to published to web, you have an option to open your diagrams in full screen:


At any time, you may go into the Full screen mode (specially useful to present or view wide diagrams) by clicking on the Full screen icon located at the top right corner:


Exit full screen mode by pressing the Escape key (ESC) or clicking on the Full screen icon again.

For further information:



Dear Juan

Thank you for your help. However sometimes I want to use both the diagram side bar for fast switching between processes and a wide process display at the same time.

Meanwhile I have done some research and modified the variables .large-3 and .large-9 in \libs\css\app.css which determine the width of the side bar and the main window. This helps for the moment but is some sort of hacking.