MODELER - How is Resource Priority Utilization Determined - Part 2?

Is this correct?

Resources (AND) -- Does a Task utilize ALL selected resources evenly for the given time requirements of the Task?

EXAMPLE: If a task requires 5 minutes, and there are 3 resources, will the task utilize 5 minutes only or a total of 15 minutes (5 minutes times 3 resources)?

Resources (OR) -- Which statement is correct?

1. a Task will utilize resources in the order listed in order to complete the resource requirements of the task.

EXAMPLE: Task requires 3-hours of work. If there is only one resource, this task would take 3 hours. If there are 3 resources this task would take 1 hour, but utilize all 3 resources for 1-hour each and simultaneously.

2. a Task will randomly utilize the resources selected.

EXAMPLE: Task requires 1-hour of work. There are 3 resources available. The task will randomly select a resource at each iteration. There is no way to control the prioritization of which resource is selected for the task for each iteration.

I do not mind receiving links to your manual, as long as the linked information properly answer the properly answers the questions.

Thank you in advance.


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Dear Derek,

Regarding your questions, the answer for your first question is all required resources for the task will be utilized for the required processing time. In the example it will be 15 minutes.

The answer for the second question is option 2 is correct one. There is no way to control the prioritization of resources.