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Modeler change laptop screen brightness

Hello all,

I've just installed Bizagi Modeler in my laptop. No errors received during installation.

now it work correctly but, every time that I launch Modeler, immediately it push the LCD brightness of the laptop to the maximum (even in low ambient light)

The brightness stay to the maximum all the time Modeler is running (using it or minimized it is the same).

Finally when I'm close Modeler the brightness return to the original set.

I've seen in the option tab but not mention about brightness.

Someone has any ideas about this annoying problem?

thanks in advance


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Dear Massimo,

In order to reproduce this issue, give us details of your computer:

  • Screenshots of screen brightness before and after of using modeler
  • Windows version
  • Screenshots of screen brightness settings

We look forward to hearing from you



Doesn't matter which is the brightness that you have originally set the laptop.

(you can set it to the minimum but the result after Modeler start, is the same: 100% brightness),

Modeler push it ever to the maximum once it start.

Brightness return to previous state only when you close Modeler.

Once Modeler has pushed brightness to 100% is possible to lower it by the Brightness- function key

LAPTOP: Lenovo Ideapad 700-15 ISK (15.4" I7-6700HQ processor, 16 GB ram)

O.S. Windows 10 64bit 1607 (with all the update applied)

Best regards



Dear Massimo,

We have not been able to reproduce it. We have followed your steps, but it does not happen in all computers.

We will analyse it again.