Under Consideration

"Process Owner" in diagram properties

Hey out there,

As we all know, every process got's it "owner". But, in BizAgi Modeler you can not "register" this in a provided text field. It's missing!

All processe do got a owner. This owner normaly is the sponsor and the purchaser. He's giving the order to the author and the responsible process manager to design and then execute something or to treat with something - anyway he want to have an definied output. And, he's paying for it, at least he's giving ressources (human or technical) to reacht this aim. Therefore it's called "owner" (opposite to author). And, he's the only one who has got the authority to approve a release, to freeze ("on hold"), to launch or relaunche, etc.

Note: owner is not the same like author!

If I ad the header artifact, I normaly quick and outmaticly get all those informations shown in my diagram. Every reader sees all he needs to know. But in the tab of the diagram properties there's no text box to give this important role.

Please prove my intervention an idea to ad this very important field in the main tab of "diagram properties".

Thank you and greetings