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Maximum processing time at the shape


I have a process which allows 28 tokens with no wait time.

The very first task after start takes 20 seconds to complete.

I have 2 resources of the same role set up. They both work on this task.

When I run the Resource Simulation, for this task I get a Min. time of 20s and a Max. time of 15m 40s

How is the Max. time calculated?

Please note I have already checked this article:

That article states

Maximum time: Indicates the maximum processing time at the shape.

However, I need to know HOW is the max time calculated? Specifically for my process.

I do understand that the value shows me the maximum processing time at the shape? However I do not know how it arrived at that value. I need to understand why that is the value so I can explain to users/managers.


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Dear Lana,

We have escalated this question to our product team. As soon we receive news, we will write back.



Dear Lana,

In order to analyse it, we require a copy of your bpm file. Please send it to This information will be treated as strictly confidential and the file will be deleted once it is no longer necessary for support purposes.

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