Mapping QMS with Bizagi Modeler, please help


I am study Bizagi Modeler and would like to have deeper research and find a way to apply this into my company QMS. SO I would like to have some questions need your support:

1. What is Bizagi modeler Architecture?

2. How does Bizagi Modeler handle in manage files-documents in a fileservers?

3. Do you have any mapping template to support company to migrate all information in company QMS to Bizagi Modeler?

My company QMS was using a fileservers with following folders structure:

Lv1: Manual-Policies

Lv2: Content Function Groups (Admin, HR, Finance...) and Service Lines (provide services to clients)

Lv3: Each Lv2 content Lv3 with folders in ordering (Process, Template, Guideline, Regulation and Others)


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Dear Dung,

Bizagi Modeler, the desktop Windows application, relies on a pretty simple folder and files repository in order to save local diagrams and their attachments.

When using Modeler collaboration services (a cloud-based repository, integrated authentication services, and further modeling options centered around governance, efficiency and collaboration), a robust set of cloud services are employed within its architecture to provide a secure and available service.

For your specific scenario, I would recommend relying on that QMS already using such file server with your mentioned folder structure, while just using in Bizagi Modeler attributes of the type “file linked”.

This means that in your Bizagi models, your documents are not there but linked to that location for further information on each of the specific process and levels.

For more information about types of attributes such as the afore mentioned one, refer to