looking for best workflow software


I am looking for the best workflow system software which would help me manage all my work smoothly.

I am searching for open source workflow management software.

I have googled a lot for this, but can't get the good result.

Can anyone please tell me some "open source workflow management softwares".

Please give me the pointers or tell the names of softwares.

Please Help.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Dear Joe,

Regarding your question, our process modeler is a freeware software. You can use it as free. You can also use some features like cloud.

Regarding an automatisation tool, we recommend to use our Bizagi Studio. You can use for free in development and test environment. The license only will be required for production environment.


Manage the complete process life cycle:

  • Bizagi Modeler: Diagram and documentation module available as Freeware
  • Bizagi Studio: Construction module available in the Bizagi BPM Suite
  • Bizagi Engine: Execution and control module available in the Bizagi BPM Suite

For further information: