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link sub-process from an other bpm file


Is it possible to link a sub-process with a diagram saved in an other bpm file ?

In the presentation mode, I'd like to ctrl+click on a sub-process task and then open directly the subprocess in presentation mode saved in an other bpm file without having add a link in the extended properties.



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Dear Frederic,

Thank you for your feedback.

It is not possible to directly link diagrams of other bpm files.

Indeed, using the extended attributes' property is the correct approach.

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Is-it possible to save model in a "presentation" extension file (like with powerpoint) and then make an hyperlink in the attribute ?


Dear Eva,

You can publish your complete documentation in any of the following formats and share with your organization.

  • Microsoft Word
  • PDF
  • Mediawiki
  • Web file (opened through a browser)
  • Microsoft Sharepoint

You can export your process diagrams to other Modeling tools or export your customized attributes and reuse them in other Bizagi Process Models.

  • Microsoft Visio: export your diagrams to Visio 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Image files: export your diagrams to png, bpm, svg or jpg format
  • XPDL: export your diagram to XPDL 2.1
  • Attributes: export your customized Extended Attributes and use them in other Bizagi Process Models, to maintain a standard in your documented processes.

Unfortunately, you cannot export to MS PowerPoint.To check how to export, please visit this article: http://help.bizagi.com/processmodeler/en/index.html?where_to_share2.htm



I don't want export to PPt but I suggest to save the bpm file as a "bpmp" file ( p for presentation), then if you open this file bpmp, you are directly in the presentation mode.

Then, if in the attribute of a sub-process, you insert the bpmp file, you have access to this sub-process in the presentation mode.


This status is "Under Consideration". What is the current plan for this capability?

My use cases are:

-- Keeping BPM files small and process-centric.

-- Supporting the building of a Business Process Library.

While it is easy to link processes within a BPM file, linking between BPM files is one of our business requirements for enterprise business process management, as are traceability, shared resources and shared calendars.

While BIZAGI MODELER is useful for modeling and running simulations, in reality most business processes are not atomic. Instead they are a chain of dependent processes, with the performance of one process potentially impacting the performance of another. Or with shared resources and calendars impacting multiple related processes.


I totally agree with Derek Adams,

the (long-term) aim is to have a complete process map with every process step linked to any other step one way or the other. So far thats only possible when the entire map is saved in one single (huge) file.

Does this "problem" apply to Bizagi Engine (Suite) too?


Derek and Artur are exactly describing the use-case I am evaluating: establish a process library with clear accountability for each individual process, yet have the capability to link those processes to get an end-to-end flow.

Their comments were 2+ years old. Has this been resolved in the mean time? If so how, and could someone point me to the corresponding discussion thread (didn't find anything related, but maybe I searched for the wrong tags)