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Lane and pool resize operations are not aligning to grid

Hi, i did a rich description about this issue, and posted in Bizagi Suite Forum.

But a moderator deleted the topic and asked me to post it here, but now i don't have the original post text to copy here.

Anyway, when we try to resize a lane ou a pool, they usually don't align to the grid, even when the option to align is checked. This always happens to lanes, and usually happens do pools. Just add 2 lanes on a pool and try to resize the first lane and the pool after.



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Dear Fabiano,

Thank you for help us to organise topic according the application. We received this information from you:

  1. Version 64bits
  2. * Add a pool to a diagram
  3. * Add 2 lanes to this pool
  4. * Try to resize the height of the first lane. It will not align to the grid
  5. * Resize the first lane in a way the pool gets unaligned to the grid
  6. * Try to resize the height of the pool. It doesn't align to grid

In order to address this issue, please send us screenshots because we were not able to reproduce it. You can proceed to upgrade your current version and try again. Please download it from: