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Lane and main-process positioning seem wrong in BPMN export.

I'm using Bizagi's BPMN-exported files to integrate processes model in a web application.

I noticed two problems.

The first one concerns lane positioning.

BPMN specifications say ""

Note that the bounds’ x and y coordinates are the position of the upper left corner of the shape (relative to the upper left corner of the plane)."

I noticed that x coordinates for lanes are not relative to the upper left corner of the plane in Bizagi's exported files. They seem to be relative to the pool position.

Y coordinates are correct.

The second one concerns the "Main Process" shape.

I do not really understand what this shape is linked to, but its positioning is really strange: it does not surround the whole pool, nore does user see the label inside (hidden by the pool shape).

There might be a problem with this shape too.

Can you confirm both problems and tell me if a patch can be applied to my version?


Version used: Bizagi Modeler 64-bit Version


Dear Laurent,

In order to analyze your bpm file and best help you, we would like have a copy from it. Please email it to We will look forward.

Thank you in advance,



Dear Juan,

I just sent two example files to

Thanks for your answer!