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Issues with printing Letter size and watermark

My company wants me to print nice logo and confidential statement on the diagrams. Our graphic designer did the picture with all needed elements on it, to use as watermark. That's how I don't have to put logo and titles separately all the time using header option. It looks perfect on the print preview, but paper printing cuts some corners of the picture. Is it A4-letter sizes issue? I was checking all printing details in the settings, and looks fine.

Please let me know how to fix it.

Thank you, Ewa

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Dear Ewa,

We want to know more about the printing issue and that is why we ask you to please let us know the following information in order to do some progress regarding your issue:

  • Is it possible to share the model with us to see where is located the logo?
  • Is mandatory to print it on A4 format?
  • Are you trying to print directly from Bizagi?

The last question is very important as you also can export your process as a PNG image and then print it. You also have the options to publish to word/pdf to further print your model.

We look forward to hearing from you.