Instances do not go to one of the subprocesses.

Hello, I began to study Bizagi modeler and faced some problems.

My process consists of subprocesses. when attempting to run a script, all specified instances in the start event stop at a fork or between two subprocesses. (photo1) I do not understand why.

The process works, in a photo it can be seen that the instances go to subprocess 4, but they do not go to subprocess 3 (which is below) and beyond.

If subprocess 3 is replaced by a process, then the instances go on.

I would be very grateful for your help.

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Dear Alena,

About your first question, we see that your model has a Message Throw but not a Message Catch anywhere and maybe this is causing the error. If you could please attach the .bpm file of the model instead of screenshots that would be nice to better analyze the issue.

What is the script that you're attempting to run?

And finally... The instance goes to subprocess 4 and not to the third because you need a gateway after that task to make the instances reach the two subprocesses, if not, outside a task without gateway by default only one instance is supported. Please see the attached image.