Inconsistency between number of instances versus resources

I have a question in a simulation. In one of the tasks I assigned 12 resources and in 3 days 858 instances were completed according to the process, time and calendar configuration. In the same task I reduce resources to only 2 and the number of completed instances increase. Does this seem like a paradox to me, in my understanding should I also reduce the amount of tokens completed or am I wrong?

I am simulating a 1 level and 2 level Call Center.

Could you clarify this? Attached to the settings to assist in the analysis.


Alex Simas

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Dear Alex,

After we analysed this question with our product team, the result is:

If you assign 12 resources to a task and 12 to all calendars, and then you assign 2 resources to a task and 2 to all calendars, at the end the result should be equal due to in both cases the amount of available resources is the same to the amount of resources to a task.

One thing that we were able to see in resources settings of scenario for "Periodo_almoço" calendar which has 8 resources availables instead of 12 resources. It is a change that makes to get different data.