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I would like to import some pdf which are my internal procedures in pdf format. Goal is to avoid separate files and folders. All in one Bizagi document will make things far more clear for my employees and will avoid managing separate files. I

thank you

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Dear Eric,

We hope to understand your question correctly.

Are you trying to merge some different pdf files into an only one? In this case, you need a different software tool or online pdf merge motor to do this. There are multiple options quite fast and easy to use.

Are you trying to import these pdf model files to Bizagi modeler in order to modify them and then export your documentation again? This is not possible because the only import formats supported by Bizagi Modeler are Visio, XPDL, BPMN and Bizagi.

If we misunderstood the situation, we invite you to please update this post adding a new comment.

Kind regards.