I can't Sign In

After installing Bazin version 3.6.0044, when I go to the first time I ask to do Sign In. But when I open the Sign In window, it appears blank, not being able to login.

how to solve?

I use windows 10 on an Intel Core i7. My browser is google chrome.


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Dear Frederico,

The following is a list of little procedures that you can try when this issue is prompt:

1. Close the Login pop-up window and open it again.

2. Close the Bizagi Modeler App and open it again.

3. Reinstall your Bizagi Modeler App.

Please also read this comment that Recently was recently shared by another user of our community in a thread with the same problem:

I installed a week ago the most current version and was desperate because nothing improved.

But then I found another entry and added Bizagi to the apps with permittance regarding the Firewall

Systemsteuerung\Alle Systemsteuerungselemente\Windows Defender Firewall\Zugelassene Apps

Now it runs smoothly"

Hope you find this information useful!



Very good. problem solved.