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I can not add a user to the subscription

I have invited a new user but he can not share the information.

It appears as invited but it is not active.

The user was already created. The invitation as accepted. When I am going to share with that uses this message appears:

The following users are not part of the subscription. The subscription owner must add them, for you to share the model with them.

Help me please.

Almost one month with the fee trial and it has been impossible to share the models.

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Dear Alejandro,

Sorry for the delay in our response. We suppose that your Workgroup trial is no longer active but we want to know if you continued with it to verify what's happening with this sharing issue.

Could you please attach the following files and/or answer the questions:

1. Screenshot of your plan administration to see the list of users.

2. Is the workgroup membership still active?

3. If it's possible, please attach a screenshot of the invitation e-mail received by the target user added.