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How to use a external link to search a unique element in web published process diagram?

Hi all

- two questions about searching in web published diagrams:

First the default behavior:

  • In a published Web diagram there is a search box to search diagrams elements
  • Per default the "search in this process" option is displayed
  • I change this option to "search all" and enter a unique search string
  • The only search result is displayed below the search box
  • I select this entry and the respective element in the diagram is displayed and marked red

Now my questions:

  1. Is there a option, that the search box displays the "search all" option as default instead of "search in this process?"

    My users always forget to change this search option and are confused afterwards, when they find nothing

  2. Now the more important question:

    Is there a way to use an external link to the published Web diagram, which initiates the "search all" function and searches for an unique parameter?

    In my case, all tasks have a unique ID as part of their name.

    In our external Online Help I want to describe these tasks (e.g. task "U-1050") and use a special link to the published process diagram, which focuses on this task "U-1050" and marks it.

    Without this "search link" I'm only able to link the diagram page where this task "U-1050" is used, but when this page is crowded with many other elements, the user still have to locate this task

    on the diagram page.

    Therefore I want to be able to "mark" this task, as it is done in the "search all" function.

A wall of text, but I wanted to describe my problem as clearly as possible :-)

Any solutions to my questions?

best regards



Dear Roland,

After our analysis, your both questions are not available in our Modeler. We will change this question to an idea in order to be developed in a future release.