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How to search for Bizagi components for given RACI?


I have created bizagi process maps, many of them with RACI attached to almost all the activities in a well defined fashion.

I have a requirement now that if I give a RACI , then I should be able to know which all processes have that RACI and I should be able to get the list.

How can this be achieved?


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Dear Shashank,

First of all, thanks for sharing your ideas with us. It is appreciated.

In Bizagi Modeler there is no option to see the RACI in this way. Nevertheless, this suggestion will be communicated to our Bizagi Modeler product team.

In addition, you can open your model (bpm file) in Bizagi Studio and there you will find more advanced features in the Work Allocation component. We hope one of them will fit your business logic needs. For further information please refer to https://help.bizagi.com/bpm-suite/en/index.html?work_allocation_components.htm

Best regards!


Dear Andreas,

Is there any update on this from the product team? Right now I do only have modeler and am not using studio.