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How to properly export out of ProMapp

Hi guys,

I'm trying to export out of ProMapp and switch to Bizagi. Our organisation has decided its too expensive and its barely used by only a small number of diehard users.

I have used ProMapps export to XPDL feature, but it does not include the procedure notes. This is exported as a cut and paste. Can anyone recommend the best way to handle this? We have some 100 or so published processes in ProMapp that we would then want to import for use in Bizagi.

Please see attached file for the XPDL file. The procedure text is pasted below.


Plan logistics [Integrated Planning & Reporting Staff]

IP&R: Review process map and update as appropriate

IP&R: Prepare timetable

IP&R: Assign responsibilities

IP&R: Plan internal communications

Plan content [Integrated Planning & Reporting Staff]

IP&R: Download AR checklist from OLG

IP&R: Identify key objective, message, theme

IP&R: Decide and document structure/content outline

NOTE: What are the inputs that influence content?

AR checklist from OLG website DP Progress Reports Performance Manager/performance software Local Matters LCC website TRIM Print and digital media

Design core AR format layout [Integrated Planning & Reporting Staff]

Prepare AR data template [Integrated Planning & Reporting Staff]

Review previous year data template

Add in new reporting items from OLG checklist

Provide summary/instructions/examples of information needed

Determine reporting responsibilities

Distribute AR template to relevant program areas and responsible staff

Complete relevant section of AR template [Staff Member]

Receive and review audited financial reports [Finance]

Prepare financial summary [Finance]

Review FY position and performance

Prepare data summary tables for IP&R staff

Prepare supporting commentary

Collect other data [Integrated Planning & Reporting Staff]

Review year's activities (Local Matters, LCC website, progress reports, print and digital media)

Choose key milestones, achievements, and highlights

Run DP reports: Full-FY Action, Project, KPI

Run Census reports on LGA

Compile AR content [Integrated Planning & Reporting Staff]

IP&R: Compile DP theme progress section

IP&R: Compile statutory section

Media: collate photographs

Review draft AR content [General Manager;Program Manager]

NOTE: Who are the other relevant stakeholders that need to review the draft content?

Governance Coordinator - for governance/procedural matters External Auditor - for consistency and accuracy Mayor - for the Mayor's address

[Decision] Approve draft AR content [ExCom]

[No] [ProcessLink] Incorporate stakeholder feedback [Integrated Planning & Reporting Staff]

Final proofing [Integrated Planning & Reporting Staff]

Disseminate approved AR [Integrated Planning & Reporting Staff]

Media: Job order for printing

IP&R: Hard-copy distribution

Media: Digital distribution

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Dear Jared,

First of all, we are very glad to know about your interest in Bizagi. Now, regarding Export options for Promapp and Import options for Bizagi, the common point is XPDL and also BPMN. Although XPDL does not include the procedure notes, we recommend to try both methods and import them to Bizagi. The ProMapp documentation does not show how to do this process for +100 models but we will look further into this tool for better understanding of the migration procedure.

Best regards.


We confirmed that the export options at the web application are Export procedure test and Export Process Variation Report. We already asked if there is an advanced way to obtain true XPDL or BPMN files and we are already trying to discover an alternative for that.

Keep in touch.


Dear Jared,

Have you already done the procedure on the attachment? Please let us know.


Hi Andres,

Yes I have. I attempted to attach the exported XPDL file to this forum article but I'm not sure attaching a file is working for some reason. You will note in ProMapp I have to export the procure text and the XPDL separately. So my question is whats the best way to then bring those two separate items into a Bizagi.



The response from ProMapp support will be that they cannot include the procedure notes into the XPDL file.


Hi Jared,

My conclusion from the answer that we received from ProMapp is that there is no alternative to integrate with Bizagi.