How to model the fact that the whole process could always be interrupted by an (intermediate) event?

The problem/question is explained in the title: basically I have to model a process which can be awlays interrupted (and so, stopped) by an event (signal type).

To model it I would like to avoid the use of an interrupted intermediate event placed on each activity which would be really "heavy" and repetitive. I have tried to group all the activities of my process and then add an event, but in vain. And it seems impossible to add something like an event on the process.

Anyome with a solution or suggestion?

Thanks by advance

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My suggestion is to use a sub-process and attach an event (interruptive) on the sub-process. If you then detail out the sub-process you know that the entire sub-process can be interrupted. Basically a sub-process is also a task and is used to hide complexity. If your sub-process does require a pool and lanes, you should mark it as a repeatable sub-process.

Hope this helps.


It helps a lot! Thank you very much. I had already to create a sub-process but this one was not reusable and so I could not use swim lanes which was mandatory in that case.

Problem solved!! :-)