How to export simulation results to .csv or openOffice Calc?

I don't have a Excel instaled, I'm using brCalc (openOffice). If excel is not installed it's impossible do export to .xls format (appearing message: ' Error exporting to excel.Please verify is it installed.').

is there a way to export simulation results to .csv or .xls or .ods without Excell installed ?

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Dear Jeferson,

Currently Bizagi Modeler is dependent on excel because it

uses component libraries provided by Microsoft to perform the export function.

Although you may not perform an export without excel installed on your machine,

you may choose to print the results as a PDF. If you would like to request

modification to the export feature you may submit a forum post as an idea and

the forum community will be able to vote for your idea if they find it

beneficial. processvalidation19b

Thank you for understanding.

Kind Regards