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How to drag in modeler?

Quite often I click on an object to select it, Bizagi then shows me the handles where I can drag the object to resize or move it to a different location on the screen. I move my mouse over one of the handles and the mouse cursor changes to a different shape. So, at that moment I know Bizagi knows what I want to do because the cursor has the correct shape. Then I drag the handle to resize or move something.

To my surprize Bizagi decides to totally ignore the selected object and the shape of the cursor (indicating my preferred action) and starts looking for some random object in the area and then choses a random action to perform while I drag the mouse. Usually moving the wrong object and messing up my drawing.

Constantly rethinking what the user may want to do and ignoring the shape of the cursor not only makes Bizagi slow, it is also frustrating when the guess does not match my choice. When I click or drag, please keep in mind that the cursor has a certain shape (because it is pointing at a certain handle) and that shape must be correct, I don’t click or drag when the mouse pointer has the wrong shape. So please stop second guessing my actions, that saves a lot of time and frustrations.

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Dear Arjan,

Thanks for your feedback. We look forward to improving our product each day, precisely to avoid this type of problems. Your suggestion is well appreciated.

Kind regards.